About Migrantscape

Migrantscape, is a blog created by Aajeevika Bureau, a development services organisation, working on issues of migration and labour in western India.

An effort to document our collective experiences and thoughts, the blog is structured across three categories – Migration Musings, Listening from Grasshoppers and Rejoinders. Together all three capture our journey into the world of a migrant labour in contemporary India,  our disappointments at the state of neglect, our predicaments as we try and carve a road into an unchartered territory and the occasional celebrations of success, if we may call them so…

We would like to dedicate this blog to the millions of workers toiling hard in the unorganised economy of India – Hamaari hin mutthi mein aakash saara, jab bhi khulegi chamkega taara (in our hands dwells the whole sky, whenever we desire the stars shall shine)

For more information related to the organisation’s work, you could visit www.aajeevika.org.


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